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Door Components


List of Currently Available Parts*:

    Door Glass Regulator (N.O.S.) $95.00 /Ea
    Door Glass Window Handle $29.95 /Ea
    Door Glass Run Insulator Sets (Newly Updated Design) $90.00 /Set
    Door Glass Opening Seal (Newly Manufactured Design) $45.00 /Set
    Door Glass Cat Whiskers (N.O.S.) $95.00 /Ea
    Cat Whisker Retainer Bar w/ Mirror Bracket $75.00 /Ea
    Mirror Gasket & Mounting Bracket (N.O.S.) $10.00 /Ea
    Outside Left Mirror (N.O.S.) $75.00 /Ea
    Outside Right Mirror (N.O.S.) $65.00 /Ea
    Outside Door Seals (Newly Manufactured Design) $75.00 /Set
    Inside Birdcage Seals (New Design) $90.00 /Set
    Door Latch Outer (N.O.S.) $50.00 /Ea
    Door Latch Inner (N.O.S.) $35.00 /Ea
    Door Cylinder Upper Bracket (N.O.S.) $25.00 /Ea

    * Parts Subject To Availability. Some parts may not always be available or easy to source. Please contact us for more information.