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About Us

Bricklin Parts and Service has been dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of the Bricklin SV-1 automobile since the bankruptcy of General Vehicle, Inc., the parent company of Bricklin Canada in 1975. In early 1976, we designed and sold the first commercially viable air door system for the Bricklin, to replace the existing hydraulic door system installed by the factory. The original hydraulic door system, while originally functional, suffered from a high failure rate, an unacceptable cycling of 8 to 12 seconds to open a door, and depending on use, a propensity to bend doors and exacerbate stress cracks in original acrylic outer bodies. With our air door system, we've reduced that cycling time down to less than 3 seconds, and eliminated the stress placed on the doors by the lifts! We have also re-engineered and redesigned several components of the Bricklin SV-1 over the last 30+ years in the business, such as air latches for doors, new hatch seals and locks to prevent leaks, redesigned heater box placement for maximum cockpit airflow effectiveness, newly engineered air headlight system to replace the troublesome vacuum system, a redesigned front air dam to increase airflow to the engine compartment to lower overall vehicle operating temperature and a host of other innovations.

Owner: Terry Tanner

Seated in VIN #2787

Terry Tanner was born in Oklahoma. He spent the early part of his career as a Manufacturing Engineer at Ford Motor, Co. He went to work for General Vehicle, Inc., the parent company of Bricklin Canada in 1973 in the position of Manufacturing Engineering Manager. In this role, he was responsible for formulating the processes that went into producing the Bricklin SV-1 in a mass-production environment. When the company went into receivership in September, 1975, he was asked to stay on during the liquidation in order to complete the remaining cars on the line. At the same time, based on a request from a current owner, he completed engineering on the first commercially-viable air door systm for the Bricklin, replacing the factory installed hydraulic system, which was the part of the car with the highest failure rate and most warranty repair claim requests. He then started to market the air door system, design new parts and upgrades to resolve issues, and to maintain and repair Bricklins. He relocated to Virginia in 1986. He is entering his 40th year keeping the Bricklin SV-1 legacy alive.

Staff: John Lodge

Leaning against freshly rebodied VIN #2912

John Lodge is chief bodyman for Bricklin Parts and Service and is responsible for the new processes for reassembling a Bricklin. He is a consumate professional and continues to refine the body assembly process to raise the level of fit and finish of each Bricklin SV-1 to one of true supercar status.